PrestaShop Images Missing After Upgrade

By | September 9, 2014

Upgrading PrestaShop v. over to v1.5+ or v1.6+ results in missing images for categories & products. Steps taken to resolve PrestaShop images missing after upgrade.


I have performed the following steps to display some of PS missing product images.

Step 1.) Confirm that your images do indeed exist on the server.

Step 2.)  Edit the /config/ creation date to something early such as 2010-09-05

Step 3.) BO preferences > image = move images and regenerate thumbnails for all products.

Some of the missing products in my situation where contributed to PureFTPd LimitRecursion being set to 10000.. How to edit Pure-FTPd.conf file.


Images are stored in the /img/ directory of your PS root installation.. Product images, are located in following sub-directories /img/p/ & Category images /img/c/

Images uploaded will apply a number value for labels (e.g. 1.jpg) and re-size to values, such as;  1-home.jpg | 1-large.jpg | 1-medium.jpg | 1-small.jpg

PS v. uses image label as: /1030-1340-home/
PS v.1.5+ uses image label as: /1340-home_default/


Images disappear after regeneration:
How to show product images after upgrade: