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1-Click Upgrade PrestaShop Auto Upgrade Module

Upgrade documentation for PrestaShop (PS) v. over to PS v. using Auto Upgrade Module, also known as the 1-Click Upgrade Module offered on Step 1.) Download and install the autoupgrade module onto your PS. Step 2.) Place your store under maintenance mode. Step 3.) Go to: Modules > Administration; and configure 1-click Upgrade. Step 4.)… Read More »

password change phpMyAdmin for user in PrestaShop

Need to change password for PrestaShop user with phpMyAdmin? After a successful data migration onto WAMP, in attempts to log into the Back Office (BO) resulted with error ’employee does not exist or incorrect password’.  To resolve this error, follow two simple steps for password change phpMyAdmin. Step 1.) You will need to copy your _COOKIE_KEY_ located… Read More »

PrestaShop CSV Import

When importing CSV into PrestaShop v1.4.4.1 through it’s Back Office (BO), the import is successful. However, in phpMyAdmin section, I noticed the importation duplicated the products five times; each with a different id_lang.  This seems overboard on how many products are consuming the php memory and should only be uploading the one language as per… Read More »

How to Export PrestaShop database phpMyAdmin onto a Testing Domain.

PrestaShop version using phpMyAdmin to export PrestaShop database. According to PrestaShop documentation, the typical upgrade method has depreciated and is not recommended.  There is a free module ‘1-click-upgrade’ from that is recommended, however good luck in having it work! I’m left with a couple of options. a.) fix the module b.) perform depreciated… Read More »

My PrestaShop v1.5.2 Bug Report

In much needed upgrade to my PrestaShop store, I installed the latest version from PrestaShop v1.5.2.0 Final in the beginning of November 2012. When I installed prestashop, I thought I had selected to install with modules disabled. However, all the bells and whistles where included with my fresh install.. I figured, I would begin disabling/uninstalling… Read More »