password change phpMyAdmin for user in PrestaShop

By | January 29, 2014

Need to change password for PrestaShop user with phpMyAdmin?

After a successful data migration onto WAMP, in attempts to log into the Back Office (BO) resulted with error ’employee does not exist or incorrect password’.  To resolve this error, follow two simple steps for password change phpMyAdmin.

Step 1.) You will need to copy your _COOKIE_KEY_ located in /config/
This will be a random alphanumeric string of characters (e.g. Pi32n2bx6koC31bq7mndpc32ihfYcZ1bKMCogBIq1LExF5nGcOdWm3gc)

Step 2.) Log into phpMyAdmin and select SQL and enter the below syntax and click Go.
Note: DO NOT enter any spaces between your _COOKIE_KEY_ and PASSWORD

UPDATE `ps_employee` SET `passwd` = MD5(‘Pi32n2bx6koC31bq7mndpc32ihfYcZ1bKMCogBIq1LExF5nGcOdWm3gcNEWPASSWORD’) WHERE `ps_employee`.`id_employee` = 1;

There is no space between the _COOKIE_KEY_ and your password; they run together..


Screen Shot Instructions on how to restet PrestaShop employee password via phpMyAdmin: