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PrestaShop PayPal Module Login User Doesn’t Exist

Prestashop Paypal Module was a bit buggy in upgrading from v. to v. including some additional modules. PayPal v.3.7.2 & PayPal USA, Canada. By default PayPal v.3.7.2. was enabled with correct configuration. However, upon testing the checkout process (edit /config/defines.ini.php to display errors) there where errors. PrestaShop PayPal Module; PayPal Login User Doesn’t Exist. [PrestaShopDatabaseException]… Read More »

Missing Files After PrestaShop Upgrade

Missing Files After PrestaShop Upgrade from v. BO Advanced Parameters > Configuration Information List of changed files Changed/missing files have been detected. Missing files (18) admin/autoupgrade/index.php override/classes/cache/index.php override/classes/controller/index.php override/classes/db/index.php override/classes/exception/index.php override/classes/helper/index.php override/classes/log/index.php override/classes/module/index.php override/classes/order/index.php override/classes/pdf/index.php override/classes/range/index.php override/classes/shop/index.php override/classes/stock/index.php override/classes/tax/index.php override/classes/webservice/index.php override/controllers/admin/index.php override/controllers/admin/templates/index.php override/controllers/front/index.php Steps to correct missing files from being detected.. Step 1.) Include… Read More »

PrestaShop Images Missing After Upgrade

Upgrading PrestaShop v. over to v1.5+ or v1.6+ results in missing images for categories & products. Steps taken to resolve PrestaShop images missing after upgrade. SOLVED I have performed the following steps to display some of PS missing product images. Step 1.) Confirm that your images do indeed exist on the server. Step 2.)  Edit the… Read More »

1-Click Upgrade PrestaShop Auto Upgrade Module

Upgrade documentation for PrestaShop (PS) v. over to PS v. using Auto Upgrade Module, also known as the 1-Click Upgrade Module offered on Step 1.) Download and install the autoupgrade module onto your PS. Step 2.) Place your store under maintenance mode. Step 3.) Go to: Modules > Administration; and configure 1-click Upgrade. Step 4.)… Read More »

password change phpMyAdmin for user in PrestaShop

Need to change password for PrestaShop user with phpMyAdmin? After a successful data migration onto WAMP, in attempts to log into the Back Office (BO) resulted with error ’employee does not exist or incorrect password’.  To resolve this error, follow two simple steps for password change phpMyAdmin. Step 1.) You will need to copy your _COOKIE_KEY_ located… Read More »