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Why Use WordPress As a Website or Blog?

WordPress is an open source program; for those that don’t know what open source means in layman’s terms, it’s FREE.  Also, WordPress has a plenty of plugins and themes for free as well; that are easily customization to your requirements.  There are also sites that offer customization plugins & themes for sale and for the most… Read More »

Oops! Google Chrome Could Not Connect To

While I was developing a site with WordPress; all of a sudden, I attempted to access dashboard and I got an error indicating that Google Chrome could not connect to During my research, I figured this blog might of been my solution: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/redirections-to-127001-when-enabling-network There was even a suggestion about the configuration within the nginx… Read More »

Migrating WordPress for Multisite

From my experience, there are always a step or so that does not resolve the way it should; hence this document. WordPress Version 3.5+ allows multi-sites, so you can install WordPress in it’s own directory, powering the site from it’s root (http://example.com). This method is cleaner, more secure way of archiving your WordPress. Here are… Read More »

WordPress Search Engine Visibility

WordPress Search Engine Visibility is extremely important, if you want your website viewed by Search Engines.  During installation of WordPress, you have the option to have your blog visible to Search Engines or not; this feature can be enabled/disabled at any time. During development, it’s recommended to hide visibility, until ready for publications. However, the… Read More »

AdSense Deluxe Permission Issue Error Solution

Here’s how to install AdSense Deluxe for WordPress, to avoid the common error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. When you download the AdSense Deluxe plugin, only copy over the adsense-deluxe.php file to your plugins root directory (/wp-content/plugins). Also, in the file adsense-delux.php line 1085, change admin_head to admin_menu. Activate plugin… Read More »