How to Export PrestaShop database phpMyAdmin onto a Testing Domain.

By | November 8, 2012

PrestaShop version
using phpMyAdmin to export PrestaShop database.

According to PrestaShop documentation, the typical upgrade method has depreciated and is not recommended.  There is a free module ‘1-click-upgrade’ from that is recommended, however good luck in having it work!

I’m left with a couple of options.
a.) fix the module
b.) perform depreciated upgrade

However, before I attempt anything; I want a complete copy of my Live PrestaShop (LPS) store over to a Testing Domain (TD).

Step 1.) Download and install the version of PrestaShop that you are using on your LPS onto your TD.

Step 2.) Copy any unique directories (mails, img, theme, modules, etc) and files from your LPS over to your TD and overwrite with unique ones.

Step 3.) Now, export prestashop database phpmyadmin from your LPS over to your TD.

Step 4.) On your TD, copy the _COOKIE_KEY_ located in /config/ and update phpMyAdmin with your _COOKIE_KEY_ and password then run SQL command. Instructions on how to change password for user via phpMyAdmin.

Step 5.) Access the BO of your TD.

Step 6.) In the BO, a warning will display that you are connected with the following domain ‘’, you have to adjust in “Preferences > SEO & URLs” and set to your TD.

Step 7.) In the BO, generate a new .htaccess file “Tools > Generators”.

You now have complete copy of your LPS onto your TD.. Make a backup and get to work!


Data migration is possible using phpMyAdmin with similar versions of PrestaShop v1.4, however data migration between different versions are problematic.


PrestaShop_v.1.4.x /classes, ImportModule.php:
CSV Import improvements, change logs:
1 Click Upgrade Module: