My PrestaShop v1.5.2 Bug Report

By | November 7, 2012

In much needed upgrade to my PrestaShop store, I installed the latest version from PrestaShop v1.5.2.0 Final in the beginning of November 2012.

When I installed prestashop, I thought I had selected to install with modules disabled. However, all the bells and whistles where included with my fresh install.. I figured, I would begin disabling/uninstalling all the unnecessary modules and in doing so, I came across a few bugs.

Modules that won’t uninstall:

  1. Cart Block
  2. Footer
  3. Block Payment Logo

After these 3 bugs, I decided to install PrestaShop onto my local WAMP server..

I installed 2 versions onto WAMP server; my current store version is and before I upgrade over to I need to see if there will be any problems..

WAMP Server: PrestaShop V1.4.4.1 & V1.5.2.0

In both installations, no product demos where selected and yet, V1.5.2.0 enables some of the demos with V1.4.4.1 displaying correctly.

Anyhow, I imported my data using phpMyAdmin and I didn’t see my data listed in PrestaShop?
This was because I had my custom theme enabled instead of PresthaShop’s default theme.. Apparently, it’s buggy; I reverted to PrestaShop’s default theme and all was good 🙂

Well, apparently PrestaShop has some major differences in how 1.5 is treated, compared to 1.4.  I looked into what version of PrestaShop carries the CSV import bug fix and according to PrestaShop’s tech support, that fix is presented in 1.4.9

I’ve tested 1.4.9 and the CSV import bug still exists.

I posted on PrestaShop forum, where a solution was reached for one user (axel_afp): Of course, the image that displays the resolution was not accessible and I’m hoping that he will comply with updating the post.


Importing CSV generates error in Column Function: