phpMyAdmin ps_cms_lang Copy Table Row

By | August 28, 2013

If you require multilingual for your cms pages within PrestaShop store, using phpMyAdmin can achieve this very easily.

For example, I require a cms page to be in both English & Spanish, and even though I’ve enabled the language packages, some cms pages did not have dual tables for the ID’s within the Data Base..

PrestaShop > BO > Tools > Languages

English ID = 1
Spanish ID = 6

In phpMyAdmin, select the portion to ‘copy’ the table that you want to duplicate for your other language.

CMS page in English

CMS Table in English

In your newly copied table, adjust your contents language and change the id_lang to your language’s variable; in my case it’s #6.

New Copied Table

Adjust Copied Table

After adjustment, your new table should appear with the new language id.

New Copied Table

New CMS Table in Spanish

Fairly simple and effect!