PrestaShop CSV Import Generates Column Function Error

By | December 7, 2012

PrestaShop v. CSV import works, for the exception of last 2 columns (feature & online only) need to be ignored in order for successful CSV import; otherwise the Back Office (BO) Breaks.. I’m going to investigate the differences between those core files and troubleshoot the CSV import error on v.

Investigated file /classes/ImportModule.php

The syntax NULL is caps on v. and small-lettering on v.
17 protected $_link = NULL;
39 if ($this->_link != NULL)

There are roughly 100 files inside /classes/, so I decided to copy & paste the entire directory with files from v. over to v. The copy/paste method completed and did not disrupt the Back Office, so that’s a positive step; however, CSV import still generates Column Function Error: Column function (b) { var a = this.indexOf(b); if (a != -1) { this.splice(a, 1); } return this; } must be set

I also copied & paste the following “/admin/tabs/AdminImport.php” and the method did not disrupt the BO, however it also did not resolve CSV import error either.

I’ve posted on the PrestaShop forums, to no prevail:

I now know what is causing my CSV import to stop working; it’s my custom module!!!!