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Installing cPanel on Linode Server CentOS 7

Need to setup Linode CentOS 7 for cPanel How to setup Linode Server running CentOS 7 for cPanel installation.. Linode & cPanel documentation provided excellent documentation, however there was some confusion for me, so I documented my process. I’ve built several Lindoe’s, all using CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 for cPanel installations. I’ve fine tuned my process… Read More »

Installing pdo & pdo_mysql Using cPanel

If your using cPanel to run your server, then it’s very simple to enable PDO & PDO_MYSQL within the WHM. Access your WHM and navigate to your EasyApache. Home >> Software >> EasyApache (Apache Update). First, begin by selecting a profile to load. Previously Saved Config (**DEFAULT**) ! This option loads the last saved configuration.… Read More »