Display Manufacture on Product Page

By | December 21, 2012

In the Back Office menu select the preference to display Manufacture.

BO > Preferences enable “Display suppliers and manufacturers”, then edit products.tpl page (prestashop/theme/yourtheme/product.tpl) and insert the following code to view both manufacture title and logo on the products page. Also, Back Office > Preferences > Performance be sure to enable Force compile.

Bellow the “product name” is the name of manufacture and above the “more info’ section, is the logo.

Insert the following code:



line# 409

<div class=”product_manufacturer”>
<a href=”manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer={$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}” title=”{l s=’See all products…’}”><img src=”img/m/{$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}-medium.jpg” /></a>

manufacture logo insert

12/20/2012: I noticed when friendly url is selected, the image breaks.
01/17/2013: BO > Tools > Generators both Optimization & Friendly URL have to be disabled in order for the Manufacturer’s logo is visible and is clickable for user to view all of Manufacturer’s product line.


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