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Display Manufacture on Product Page

In the Back Office menu select the preference to display Manufacture. BO > Preferences enable “Display suppliers and manufacturers”, then edit products.tpl page (prestashop/theme/yourtheme/product.tpl) and insert the following code to view both manufacture title and logo on the products page. Also, Back Office > Preferences > Performance be sure to enable Force compile. Bellow the “product name”… Read More »

PrestaShop CSV Import

When importing CSV into PrestaShop v1.4.4.1 through it’s Back Office (BO), the import is successful. However, in phpMyAdmin section, I noticed the importation duplicated the products five times; each with a different id_lang.  This seems overboard on how many products are consuming the php memory and should only be uploading the one language as per… Read More »

How to Export PrestaShop database phpMyAdmin onto a Testing Domain.

PrestaShop version using phpMyAdmin to export PrestaShop database. According to PrestaShop documentation, the typical upgrade method has depreciated and is not recommended.  There is a free module ‘1-click-upgrade’ from addons.prestashop.com that is recommended, however good luck in having it work! I’m left with a couple of options. a.) fix the module b.) perform depreciated… Read More »

My PrestaShop v1.5.2 Bug Report

In much needed upgrade to my PrestaShop store, I installed the latest version from PrestaShop v1.5.2.0 Final in the beginning of November 2012. When I installed prestashop, I thought I had selected to install with modules disabled. However, all the bells and whistles where included with my fresh install.. I figured, I would begin disabling/uninstalling… Read More »

Google Map v3 API Prestashop Module

Step 1.) Edit file: header.tpl Define your style sheet <link href=”{$modules_dir}contactform_map/css/contactform_css.php” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”all” /> <link href=”{$modules_dir}contactform_map/css/contact.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”all” /> Next, add the JavaScript… Step 2.) Edit file: contactform_map.tpl You need to modify the portion of the provided code with your Google API and set your Sensor’s parameter to either true or false. Sensor… Read More »

PrestaShop Theme Compatibility with v.

I need to confirm that my theme will be compatible with future PrestaShop upgrades, so I used PrestaShop’s Theme Validator: http://validator.prestashop.com/ Upgrade preparations, I need to understand the differences in options between the two versions.. By installing both versions, I can simultaneously test & troubleshoot. My understanding of PrestaShop v1.4 is that it has a very simple and… Read More »